Sunday, 29 May 2011

3: Ahh the internet.

What would the world be like without your constant network across it?

Umm... Probably the 80s or something. (I have no idea if the internet was actually around then.)

There's so many good things about the net, but there's bad things too. So the world is connected all over, you can talk to people literally on the other side in a split second via email or a chat program, even mobile phones are connected nowadays. Then you get the people who use the internet to try and work their way around rules that are applied in reality for a reason.

Why do I bring this up? Oh, just the typical thing of DeviantART, and its double standards when it comes to its own rules. Yes, I regularly enjoy seeing pictures of random genitalia that are being called 'artistic nude'. I've seen flat out pornographic pictures on there even. But of course, the internet is for porn, allegedly.

I could turn my mature filter back on, but then half these pieces; I won't call them art; aren't even tagged as mature. It's quite sad really that one can't browse the site without stumbling across this type of thing. I could report it, but it never really does much good.

Oh, and fetish art. Yes yes, you all have your personal tastes, but for crying out loud can you keep them to sites that accept pornographic fetish material? Like FA for example. I don't want to see your hyper inflation mpreg Sonic vore all over my goddamn search, guh.

Wow I lost my train of thought. Oh, yeah, basically, the internet is for porn, you try and do a damned thing to make it safe for younger people to view and nothing happens, so we're all supposed to live with it I guess hurr.

Seriously, would it kill people to stop thinking with the groins for once?

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