Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure (First impressions)

 I think I'll use this blog for some game reviews too, I don't really use it a lot otherwise lol.

-Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure-

After a little drama of trying to find the wireless link (it was hidden in the battery compartment), I started playing this game today. I bought the Wii version, so no achievement things for me :P (logic: I'm getting Sonic Generations on 360)

The game isn't that bad. Nothing too complex, but not too easy either. It's not what I'd call a Spyro game, and calling it 'Spyro's Adventure' is a bit of a rip since they deliberately make the PLAYER the main story point, but treated as a game of it's own, it's really quite cute.

There's a few older Spyro references; fairies, the Balloonist, Spyro (of course), the sheep, a character that resembles a younger Professor; as well as newer Spyro references; Cynder (as a Skylander figure) and some other characters are apparently in there (though I've yet to see mention of them). Some characters seem to be blatant references to other franchises Activision's acquired too. I am however extremely disappoint that Crash Bandicoot isn't in there XD

You can't jump. It's mostly a puzzle-combat type thing, with an angled top-down prespective, I'm not sure how to categorise it. You can switch characters any time in gameplay by swapping the portal figures though!

For a completionist, this game will become very expensive. It is possible to play straight from Story point A to Story point B using just one Skylander, but to get additional power ups and explore the entire levels, you'll need at least one of each element figure. To get all the bonus character boosts, you need ALL 32 figures. At approx £5-£7 each (MUCH more for level sets) this racks up.

The figures are cross console compatible though, so if you've got a Wii version and you have a friend with the 360 version, you can put your figures on their portal and play with them. All character progression is stored inside the figurines. So you better not lose them or the game will be unplayable (major drawback, that).

I can see it being quite a fun little game for children, and I'm enjoying it too, but to treat it exclusively as a Spyro game will be asking for disappointment if that's what you expect. The story isn't about Spyro.

I'm about four levels into the game, but it's quite enjoyable. If you're willing to spend the money on the starter set, go ahead and give it a try ^_^ I hope it becomes harder as it goes on though! Gimme a ragequit moment please! (Yes, I like those XD)

I'll do a more complicated review once I beat the game :P